Friday, November 26, 2010

Crying No More..!!

Talk to me softly,there is something in your round eyes.. don’t hang your head in sorrow and please don’t cry.. I know how u feel coz I have been there before.. something changing inside u and u feel alone.. don’t u know that I still with u.. don’t u know that I still love u.. there a space in my heart that is don’t u cry again.. give me a whisper and give me a sign..don’t say u are lost when everything is alright.. give me a kiss before u tell me goodbye.. don’t u take it so hard now and please don’t take it so bad.. I will thinking about u and all the time we had.. so,please remember that I never lie to u.. how I felt inside now,u gotta make it your own way…but u will be alright now,u will feel better tomorrow morning…  when I look again into your eyes,I can see a love restrained..and when I hold u, don’t u know that I feel the same.. nothing last forever and we both know how hearts can change..and it’s hard to hold a promise when we have been apart.. we have been through this such a long time just trying to kill the pain..but lovers always come and go..that’s make me wonder are u really lonely now.. no one really sure who is letting go and walking away.. so,if we could take the time to lay it on the line,I could rest my head just knowing that u are mine..all mine.. then if u want to love me,so darling don’t refrain or I will just end up in my own u need some time on your own..i know it’s hard to keep an open heart,when even friend seem out to harm u..but if u could heal a broken heart, wouldn’t time be out to charm u..sometimes I need some time to think about it..please don’t cry….

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I’m done for u..

 Mybe,I’m done for u..

For your sake..for your help..for your kindness…thank u very much..i will remember it for all my life.. you are my sun…give me a shine…give me everyting what I want..even for a second,u always have time for me..talking to me..make a short and good advice.. I want say many thing to u since u are the one that save me from drowning in my own sadness…even u are my friend,u did a very excellent job… but..i think that’s enough…I think I can life alone now..but I think I will hurt u if I told u that…I still need u but I don’t want myself need u..!! I want can I say complicated..i always hope u will understand.. I want be strong..and grow up.. I don’t want rely on u I want u know that I just want to take my built my path..and when all is done..i want see u..i want u know that I very thankful to u..u are important to me..even we are word can describes u..u are noble person.. someday,u will find someone that love u so much..i’m sorry.. I’m a bad person to leave u..even u always with me since that day..i will miss u..u are part of my history..that always play in my mind..please.. don’t hate me..u are my sun… could u be happy for me..i will be happr for you…. So,don’t worry about me..i will be stronger and life better..if there are anyone that need my help,I will help her like u do to me..thanks for show me the way…forever I will noble friend…I’m done…

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Breaking Butterfly..

       Breaking Butterfly..

Just like a butterfly,she grow up beautifully…with a big wings she had,she fly.. very high and never get down.. that’s not what she say before..and that is not mine anymore…. It was a while after we that time,she had nothing.. I give her everything to make she fly..but it look she forget everything.. she cry to me…Ishe want to change her life..want to see a blue sky.. I ask her why she deadly want to fly..?? then she say.. “I want to see a true world..i want to see what is life..” but u have me now.. I can told u everything u u how the life must work..she saw me with her sorrow eye.. full with sadness.. “what happen..?she keep silent…  everyday,when she wake up..she will run to the beach..she look at the sea..she spacing out.. I don’t know what to do..i can’t help her now.. she take her right hand and hold my left hand..she say “ I want be free like a have pair of colourfull wing..and move everywhere freely..” that coloufull wing is mean a life..a life that I want to take..the more colour I have,the more excitement I have been thru.. then I say “ not all butterfly have a clourfull wing.. I ever see it have no colour..just black or grey..” then she skout on me “why u never try to understand me!!!!!” then she go away…I I just want she to forget her dream..the sky is so big to her..when she is tired to fly, I worry she had no place to go…coz that,I really hate that insect..!!  what is she want..what is all gurl want…that word always cross my mind.. we have been together,so cn;t u see that is your destiny..i have pick up u from nothing and now when u have everything u want to leave that what u want..  all my life with u is so fast and’s time for u to choose..stay with me or leave..i won’t walk, I won’t breathe. I won’t move until you see that u belong to me..u might think I don’t look everytime when u are cry..but deep inside in the corner of my mind,I was crying’s true.. then I ask her again..  “ if u want to fly.just fly..” she stop crying and look at me… she say  “ are u want me to fly..?” when she ask that my heart keeps falling faster..coz I afraid to know the answer do u want to leave me.. but I say “ I believe u will be a beautifull as u wish..” she smile..and say “ when I tired, I wil be return to please waiting or me..” I have waited all my linfe to cross this say this word… :could u be my mine after this,coz I don’t want to loose u” she just say…I’m yours  forever… then, I take her to the beach.. wait for a last time with her..she sleep in my hug..that was my first time look her very happy…Time have passing me very faster..she is ready to fly..  I llok her for the last time..she hold my hand.. “soon,I will show u how my life is going on..i will make this world more brighter..and I will make my life wonderfull..i want u to be happy while I leave u..please don’t give up on me..” I just say..i keep your promise.. then she go away…very far from me..she never look back.. never look at me… After several time.. i never heard anything about her.. i really miss her.. mybe she have forgettin me..  but I never fail to remind her..mybe she has been a beutifull butterfly now…and don’t tired day she will get down and I was her destination..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hold on me..


A little bit dizzy…I feel like hopeless..for wait something that never come..i know it never I try to hold my step..get a fresh air..i know someone will wait me there..a long road without ending..i walk..sometimes I run..very fast..with all my strengh..try to find my own path..but as far as I get,I just see a a no road..10001 path…like a puzzle..i try to solve it by for day.. then I try to solve another one..but not getting anything..i became more horrible..i feel sad..hate what I’m doing..give up at the end..what I have been looking all the time?as I get this far,I left all my friend,my life and all..are this what I what..?i lost..that time,my tear is by one..i want to return to my old life but…i have make promise to have my own can I give up rite now..i closed my eyes..try to have faith..then,someone call my name..wake up..!wake up..! who are u..? I’m your soul..why are u crying..?then I say.. I lost here.. He smile and say what are u been now is not lost, but just not sure what u will doing next..just believe yourself as well and everything will be alright.. that word strike me…like a lighting…I shed my tear and try to stand up..a little bit hard but I must try..i don’t want to let people that love me sad..i deserve this..i make up my mind and run again.. a lot of rain come to me..but I’m not give..looking for the future is easy but it’s pain when we don’t do nothing..let start moving..then I saw something..a light..a path that I have been searching..i run to last all my scarify has been reply..i have my own my friend,I want to say..i happy now with my new life..all our memory will never I forget..i see a new friend waiting for me..they grab my hand and say..le run together,it will be lonely if u go alone..we run together to that path..with enjoy and laugh..we made it..!!
That is life..everyday we try to choose the path..sometimes we can and sometimes we lost.. we have friend to help us and when we alone,try to be brave..try to start a new life..a thousand path will be one is your can enjoy it..