Saturday, July 30, 2011

Menderu Waterfall...!!

Nostalgia Reunion....!

It look like a normal reunion….but to me it’s very’s between me,epy,fiza, qimah,nyra,qielah,ana and famiza…but now every is bz and soon..juz four of us.. once per year..and we share a story together..from 2007 until now…2011.. and this year mybe my last join it..i’m working man now..dont have a time for this anymore..hope we will sit together again..



Ganu da bez..!!

Terengganu vs kelantan…wow..!!i’m one of thousand fan of tganu fc..!! Tanpa mengira harga tiket yg mahal..i scarify my money tuk beli tiket final piala fa..first time go there,Bukit Jalil… 
Awesome..!! Lots of people there..very bising tapi enjoy..with my bff,epy..we have fun there…!!

As a result,Terengganu menang 2-1…love u a lot..! berbaloi jer pergi sana…lalala~~