Sunday, March 27, 2011

The truth is I’m hurt too..

Sorry for all the things that I did to u…coz I never realise that u in hurt..u always say that u are tough,but in fact u are fragile..why do u like me..i not understand that..what have I done to u..?? why u suddenly want to be with me badly..??we don’t know each other before…I don’t want u hurt anymore..i don’t want u cry anymore..please stop it..i’m hurt too..i hate this..u are so innoncent..caring and loving..mybe I’m not decided for please don’t put an effort on from me far away..or u will get hurt more..

Sorry for the time that I leave u alone..i don’t know what to say..when u cry,u always want me to be with u..u call me..and I try to make u comfort..i say that I will be with u,but in fact it juz a liar..i lie to u..i want u to stop crying..i have make so many gurl crying before…I repel that..i regret that..u must hate me as soon as possible.. must,,,!!or u will die…one drop of u tear can make me suffer..keep it with u..i not always can be on ur side..i’m not yours..
I think this a a time for me to go away..i want to end everything..for all the thing that I have done..good thing more than bad thing mybe…and all mistake that never forgiven..i very regret and I can feel the painful too..i want cry with my friend..but seem they just want share happiness more than sadness,so I will cry alone..i will die alone..sorry,I want to forget all about us..when we have all great time together,,running,walking,talking,sleeping,eating and all..i want to disappear…

Apa yang kita rasa..yang kita alami..semoga cepat hilang…bila hari esok datang..pergilah mencari arah hidup yang baru..dont like me..dont love me..dont even try to be near me..i want be like cactus..u will suffer from me..if u get me??u get nothing coz I don’t have something that u call LOVE.. Jangan menangis  lagi..dont remember my name..forget me… goodbye…mybe this is my last post..i don’t want to hurt anyone again…

The truth is,in my heart,there was someone that I miss so much…she is the one that I want..i try to forget but look like it not easy…if u read this,I want to tell u that I still remember u..everynite..everyday..i still keep u msg..from the first time we couple…until we clash.. sometimes I look at my handphone..i hope I have your num..i hope magical will happen and someday u will realize that..i don’t want u to clash with your boyfriend,just to makesure that u happy..i miss u voice,,,very me from this suffering…I wish to see u again soon….

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