Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gudbye My Lover...


Tour De Perlis..!!


I with my fellow friend having a trip in's awesome..!! mY sweet memory of the year..we go to Padang Besar,Gua Kelam, take a bath at Bukit Air and round all over perlis.. hope we will be there take about one hour thirty second to reach at Padang Besar from my place..

A lot of stuff at here..not so besar sgt pun…haha.. But very cheap..we can shopping here with small amout o money..but it don’t work on me..i spent about RM80…,without wasting any time,we go to "Dark Cave".. Very dark ...

With my fellow friend..

Malaysia next reject model..

I think it will be dark but in the cave..full with lampu mesir jer..hehe A lot of student here,,

Very amazing here..a natural cage..with some small river..very fresh..
The,after one hour here,we continue our journey to Bukit we come...!! it like a taman rekreasi..with a park and river..some empangan tuk mandi but full with kids..these is a pics of ghost..haha 

If u are aunder 18,please skip these..haha.. Overall,this is my awesome experience..amazing..magnificient..bez bgt.. Hope we wil be there again.. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Could i reach u..??

Seems  it was decided form the heart is try to call u.. I don’t hear anything from that I thing I should slow my rhytm .. no matter what words I choose,they all seem like lies to u..  even my promise look like a thing that u can crumple.. so I want ask u this “MY HEART VOICE,CAN IT REACH YOU..??coz I don’t understand when u keep silent..and play blur.. I have seen u from every angle and just how wonderful u are..i have come realize that my heart is in doubt about u..or mybe will get must show me now what u feel… 

Monday, October 11, 2010

MisSinG u!!!!!


It's is a long day..i don't know but i still fell missing..even u are totally forget me.. why must i alone feel this way..can't u think about me even for a second??? i just want know about u...i'm sick missing u.. We are different now..but look like where ever I go,I can see u..u are in my mindstill stay.. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's hurting again.. over n over...


Everytime I feel so everything I did is wrong..
i still can’t forget her.. her face and smile is so strong…even I wan’t to forget her,but it like killing myself..i try make myself better..hang up with my friend and karaoke…but still don’t clear anything.. she really hurt me.. Love doesn't always end in happily ever after, even if one still loves.. I’m your sun but can give you shine now..even for a breath,I can’t…why…??coz u are too long in my life…u take my heart away..leave me alone..with no hold..juz pain..and my hand are open..try to grab eyes is blurr..i still can hear your voice..about,hope,faith,dream and everything… please,please…give me a more time..i want see your face with a big smile..i want to hear u say u are happy now..coz I will happy for u too…for sure.. coz the hardest part of this is leaving you….

Friday, October 1, 2010

My life as a MA

Diz is wat i choose to be..over a year i try my best te be a better man..but it like i'm not enough to be..i owez run and diz yime i can't...when i see my friend,look like they told me that they owez be with me..i start to believe what is meaning of FRIENDSHIP...thanxs for bring me more colour...