Monday, April 4, 2011

Love in the Rain..!

one hours per second
One hour per second??whats that?if u think that’s is faster,u wrong..coz my love is faster that that.In conclusion,what ever we did..we cant get it can I go thru her life before I check first who is in her heart..definetly not me..she is pretty innoncent ..some of you will think, why I write this story..even this is my privacy..but I have my own reason..i don’t want to forget this forever..and everyone know it how my life is..sweet or bitter..mybe my life is beautiful coz I have meet some great girl..for seven day I have meet this girl that change all my life..everything..and it stopped.. even just for a week..very wonderful ..and I will miss it from my bottom of heart..sixs day with her..can’t stop thinking about her..i love her so much..even for a second..i cant wait..!!!

Charming eyes…

First day I see her,I want know her more better than anyone..i like the way her smile and her charming refreshing and wonderful..then I saw her doing her work so consisentt and very happy good lucky person..energetic,amazing and truly cute I try my best to be near be with be in her heart..sometimes she show me some response..i wonder if she like me too..time move on with my feeling..i need to know her..but it was my first I cant be rushing..kalau ada jodoh x kemana..i like that statement..if I can,I want take her charming.. everytime I be near her,I will be happy..mybe..huhu..then I try to talk with her,she is friendly..very kind and easy to talk..she like to laugh a comfort be with her..i keep my eyes on her..”if I could get her,mybe my life will be perfect”..
Memory of the rain..
This is second day with her,we talik a lot..she doing her work very well and talk a lot with patient.i like to observe I always be a runner,so that I  can go to he place..then staff nurse want me to insert I call her to assist me..she want to..we do it together..from that I ask her about her life and everything..she make me wonder..she was interesting..i want her..then she want go to ICU to get some medicine..without wasting anytime,I offer myself to go with her..then we go together..i hope this will take a long trip..suddenly,its be a rainy..and I stop quickly..and say” let we see a rain first,its so wonderful”and for the first time,there was a girl that same with me..she say “ I like the rain too,lets see it together” it was very romantic..then I see her eyes..we look at each other..and I say “ you have a beautiful eyes and charming”..she just smile to me..after that,I ask for her number..and she give it..i was very happy and excited to messaging her tonight..!!
Something about love..
We messaging each to make it clear,I ask her..are u single..??? then she say.. “ermm..actually I have a boyfriend,we have couple for a year..i’m sorry”..after I heard that,I feel very sad..but to make I’m cool..i just say “it’s don’t matter,what is important is you get your happiness.”and she say that she like me very much..thanks,,I like you more that you know..or more accurately,I love you so much..mybe she don’t get it..”she said,kalau ada  jodoh  x kemana,so kita kwn dulu k..”we keep msg everytime until she fall asleep..i told her many times that I like her and she too..i feel the happiness that I lost before..very romantic.. she told me about her..her family..her friend and everything..i start to miss when she heve stady class..i must wait for several hour..oh, me..i want her very badly..i keep focus on him..but she already have a boyfriend,so I must respect it..huhu..harap-harap kita ada jodoh..i will waitbng for you my rain
Love in pantry..
It have been two day I no see her and I miss her so much..really much..this evening,I work with that we have many times to stay  that morning..she keep doing observation and sponging..haha..thats was a nurse work..and I help her too..i don’t want someone else help her…..!!!then we she was free,I ask her to see me in pantry..and we dating there..we take a pictures together..and suddenly,I hold her hand..her face turn red and she speechless..haha.. she look panic..then I looked at her eyes..very to remember that moment..ever for several minutes,but so romantic..i say..i love u..she just smile at me..pas habis kerja,we plan to walk together but she termasuk dalam lif yang penuh dengan senior…so she trap there..huhu.. but I wait her at the gate..and we talk there..i love to see her..
Keep holding on..
A little bit disappointed when she say that she will be in SOPD..not same with that morning I feel very malas dan tak I came late and lepak at pantry..suddenly ada orang masuk dalam pantry,si I ignored it..then I ask “ how long your friend being in SOPD..? that person  not answered me..then I go to her and she was my girl..!!!”eh,yesterday u said that u wii be in SOPD,so why are u here..??then she say,we don’t have schedule we stay here.. I feel I follow her anywhere her go..we make a dreeing together..of coz I just assist her..thats not in my cross..haha..i just want to be with her..then we take a patient to SOPD.from that I use that time to take her heart..i ask…” what do u feel about me..i like u so much..”the she say “ I like u too..but I have someone in my heart..u are too late,if not I will be yours” my heart was tremble.. “ UNTIL WHEN U WILL WAIT FOR ME..?” and I say..until I see u get your happiness..believes me,I really love u..i hold her hand and she just smile..very nice and we look at each other..if time can be return,I will go to the time that she was single..and take her with me..
Tears in heaven..
Suddenly,she col me..she told me.. “I think we should stop this,I don’t want to lie behind my boyfriend anymore..he love me so much and I love him too..i have heard some bad rumors about us,so its better if we make it’s stop..!! after that..its just killing this could happen to us..then she messaging her.. “what happen..? she reply “tomorrow will be our last day,so let we just act like don’t know each other,please understanding this..i will always loving you and miss you too.” Then I say “I will understand that,but we can stay be friend..i love u so much..”..she just say ‘ I know,but I love my boyfriend the most..she was with me at any time..happy and;s no point if we stay together..i;m not yours..i promise I will not forget you..u are my best friend..” I just want to was 8.20 pm..ans she msg again “emm..if u don’t mind,hope we wll not msging each other again..” and I reply quickly..” I want msging u..!!we can stay be a friend..!! then I say alringht,I want u to be honest with me now..” she say “ I do love u,,u are truly my friend..knowing u,and be special close friend with u is the best thing in my life..even for a while, I love u and hargai apa yang berlaku antara kita..dan semua hubungan kita..sampai bila-bila pun,I will always love u..remember that..forgive me for everything..sepamjang kita kenal..i will miss it so much..tu akan jadi kenangan paling manis sepamjang perkenalan kita..’ that’s was her last msg to me..and she stop like that..i wat very should not be like this..we love each other..huhu..then she msg again..this is really her last msg and I will keep all her msg forever.. “My friend, forgive me..i have to go..i miss u so much..i’m sorry for everything…assalammualaikum…”that time..only GOD know how I feeling..thanks for loving me..i will remember u for the rest of my life..-the end-

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