Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's hurting again.. over n over...


Everytime I feel so everything I did is wrong..
i still can’t forget her.. her face and smile is so strong…even I wan’t to forget her,but it like killing myself..i try make myself better..hang up with my friend and karaoke…but still don’t clear anything.. she really hurt me.. Love doesn't always end in happily ever after, even if one still loves.. I’m your sun but can give you shine now..even for a breath,I can’t…why…??coz u are too long in my life…u take my heart away..leave me alone..with no hold..juz pain..and my hand are open..try to grab eyes is blurr..i still can hear your voice..about,hope,faith,dream and everything… please,please…give me a more time..i want see your face with a big smile..i want to hear u say u are happy now..coz I will happy for u too…for sure.. coz the hardest part of this is leaving you….

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