Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tour De Perlis..!!


I with my fellow friend having a trip in's awesome..!! mY sweet memory of the year..we go to Padang Besar,Gua Kelam, take a bath at Bukit Air and round all over perlis.. hope we will be there take about one hour thirty second to reach at Padang Besar from my place..

A lot of stuff at here..not so besar sgt pun…haha.. But very cheap..we can shopping here with small amout o money..but it don’t work on me..i spent about RM80…,without wasting any time,we go to "Dark Cave".. Very dark ...

With my fellow friend..

Malaysia next reject model..

I think it will be dark but in the cave..full with lampu mesir jer..hehe A lot of student here,,

Very amazing here..a natural cage..with some small river..very fresh..
The,after one hour here,we continue our journey to Bukit we come...!! it like a taman rekreasi..with a park and river..some empangan tuk mandi but full with kids..these is a pics of ghost..haha 

If u are aunder 18,please skip these..haha.. Overall,this is my awesome experience..amazing..magnificient..bez bgt.. Hope we wil be there again.. 

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