Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hold on me..


A little bit dizzy…I feel like hopeless..for wait something that never come..i know it never I try to hold my step..get a fresh air..i know someone will wait me there..a long road without ending..i walk..sometimes I run..very fast..with all my strengh..try to find my own path..but as far as I get,I just see a a no road..10001 path…like a puzzle..i try to solve it by for day.. then I try to solve another one..but not getting anything..i became more horrible..i feel sad..hate what I’m doing..give up at the end..what I have been looking all the time?as I get this far,I left all my friend,my life and all..are this what I what..?i lost..that time,my tear is by one..i want to return to my old life but…i have make promise to have my own can I give up rite now..i closed my eyes..try to have faith..then,someone call my name..wake up..!wake up..! who are u..? I’m your soul..why are u crying..?then I say.. I lost here.. He smile and say what are u been now is not lost, but just not sure what u will doing next..just believe yourself as well and everything will be alright.. that word strike me…like a lighting…I shed my tear and try to stand up..a little bit hard but I must try..i don’t want to let people that love me sad..i deserve this..i make up my mind and run again.. a lot of rain come to me..but I’m not give..looking for the future is easy but it’s pain when we don’t do nothing..let start moving..then I saw something..a light..a path that I have been searching..i run to last all my scarify has been reply..i have my own my friend,I want to say..i happy now with my new life..all our memory will never I forget..i see a new friend waiting for me..they grab my hand and say..le run together,it will be lonely if u go alone..we run together to that path..with enjoy and laugh..we made it..!!
That is life..everyday we try to choose the path..sometimes we can and sometimes we lost.. we have friend to help us and when we alone,try to be brave..try to start a new life..a thousand path will be one is your can enjoy it..

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