Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I’m done for u..

 Mybe,I’m done for u..

For your sake..for your help..for your kindness…thank u very much..i will remember it for all my life.. you are my sun…give me a shine…give me everyting what I want..even for a second,u always have time for me..talking to me..make a short and good advice.. I want say many thing to u since u are the one that save me from drowning in my own sadness…even u are my friend,u did a very excellent job… but..i think that’s enough…I think I can life alone now..but I think I will hurt u if I told u that…I still need u but I don’t want myself need u..!! I want can I say complicated..i always hope u will understand.. I want be strong..and grow up.. I don’t want rely on u I want u know that I just want to take my built my path..and when all is done..i want see u..i want u know that I very thankful to u..u are important to me..even we are word can describes u..u are noble person.. someday,u will find someone that love u so much..i’m sorry.. I’m a bad person to leave u..even u always with me since that day..i will miss u..u are part of my history..that always play in my mind..please.. don’t hate me..u are my sun… could u be happy for me..i will be happr for you…. So,don’t worry about me..i will be stronger and life better..if there are anyone that need my help,I will help her like u do to me..thanks for show me the way…forever I will noble friend…I’m done…

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