Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hopes n Light..

A new year clock sound so a wind that flow all ours dat case, nothing can turn back..wishing to start a new life with a new vision..thank you for god..for make me still alive.. for make me a life person,so that i can see all my parent and still can be a good person.. mybe one day,i should write all my friends name,so that i can remember them.. Don’t worry,all ours memory from primary to high school will stay forever in my heart and mind even we fall at different path now....i believe that we are born to be together... just sometimes we dont realise that we need it.. and sometimes it’s too late to realise that..i can hear your voice..i can image your face...clearly,so bright like a snow..

A new year clock was starting.. i cant waste my time long i have sleep.. nothing can help me except myself..i hope can life for more year.. to c all my friend hold a responsibility as a parent... to make my dream came a wish since i kid.. as a promise to my lovely parent that i was a good guy.. then i try my best in every single part to make the impact that can shine all the road that i taken...not just a nonsense dream,but a promise... i can’t give up anymore.. i must shine in short time and show all my will of heart.. every second flow so fast..i can’t miss them even for a while.. just keep running until i tired... and when that thing happen,i will never give up....!!

A new year clock almost over....i hope it will not happen.. let this year never end,so that i can find more about myself..i’m not ready to be adult..make me teenager forever..i want share my memory with all my friend.. even i try to stop the time,mybe it just don’t work like i want.. at that time,i feel lucky because have given a chance to the end,nothing is precious than a memory that we have even it go wrong sometimes...let it go and free yourself...i don’t expect much in my life,but since i’m here,lets keep it u all....... (^.^)
For a year I have been locked in my own darkness..from that situation that u leave to me..from that I learn to be right now…in my dream,I still longing for someone like u..mybe just like u to save my life.. I wonder who is that person.. but i dont say that i need u again...someon will replaced u and i looking forward for that dear.. 1000 years she will be better than u...dont ever turn back on me..

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