Thursday, January 13, 2011

Never Like Before..

When I first talked to u.i didn’t know what to say,but the more we talked, the more my heart gave away..But now when I think of u,and how u changed my life..i have imagine that I won’t be alone coz he there for me..a day without light will never happen..u light up my day,as if u were the sun..u are brighter that anything..u are that sense of completion when my life is difficult.. u are my strength and wisdom..and the keeper of my heart..whose grip never weakens even we are apart..
i think of u all day and dream of u all night..then every night I wish that u could hold me tight.. u are always on my mind no matter what time of day..even when I shouldn’t,I think about u anyway.. and when I think of u this much,this day seems so long..and all the time we spent apart,just seems so wrong..u are my special gift sent up above..sent me from heaven..sent for me to love.. Thanxs for u smile..and u light that fills my dreams..u always make it matter how dark it seems..
when the last time I talked to u..u never see my face..u not talking to me..but I can see your tears..i can see your that time,I hold your make u comfort..but it look just an acting coz there were someone behind u..behind all of this,u deceive me for many time..i afraid to know it..

This what i feel most right is not easy like fantasy..what about u??

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